Angelo Tancredi joined Francis shortly after Francis received papal approval for his way of life. He was a priest from the Rieti region, and in possession of a Breviary which he shared with Francis and Leo. It is also stated on an inscription near his tomb that he has been a knight. He is described by Thomas of Celano as one of the four pillars of the nascent Franciscan Order. “The Legend of the Three Companions” and “The Assisi Compilation” tell us that Angelo together with Leo and Rufino were the closest friends of Francis. He was described by Francis as a man of courtly bearing, kindness, and a man of friendly manner and common sense.

It was Francis’ desire that Angelo as a priest be with Francis in his dying days, accompanying him in prayer till he died in 1226. He was also present when Clare died at San Damiano in 1253 and served on the commission that conducted the process of her canonisation. Angelo died in 1258 and was buried in the lower church of the Basilica of San Francisco.

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