Masseo was born in the Tuscan town of Marignano and had been a knight in the service of Perugia. He joined St Francis shortly after the early form of life of the friars received approval from Pope Innocent III in 1209. He was with Francis on many of his preaching journeys and when Francis retreated to lonely places for contemplative prayer. Masseo was known for his courtesy, kindness and friendly manner. Often, he would rebuke the other friars for their lack of common sense and consideration of other friars. A popular story told by his companions tells of his giving advice to a visitor on the suitable way to knock at a friary door- First, knock gently, wait and say “Our Father”, then knock a little louder, say two “our fathers” then knock three times but gently, and if there is no answer, then be on your way.

Masseo died in 1280 and is buried in the left transept of the lower church of San Francesco. The inscription near this tomb recorded that he was with Francis when the saint received the Portiuncula indulgence from Pope Honorius III at Perugia in 1216.

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