The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) advocates for students in all year levels by working with staff to provide High Quality Differentiated Teaching across the College.

The LEC facilitates Learning Guardians to walk with students with a range of learning needs which include:

  • Exceptional learners
  • Students who require additional learning support
  • Speech Pathology
  • Targeted learning interventions (Literacy and Numeracy)
  • Adjusted programs
  • Social skills support

The LEC has dedicated classrooms on both the Greccio and Assisi campuses, supported by qualified teachers and dedicated school officers.

A Learning Guardian supports the needs of students identified by the LEC, facilitates the development of a Personalised Learning Plan and advocates for the student both inside and outside of the classroom.

The Learning Guardian process at Padua College recognises that students may require additional support in a number of areas, and that these areas may overlap.  The three determining criteria to determine eligibility for a Learning Guardian and Personalised Learning Plan:

  • Learning Needs
  • Social Emotional Needs
  • Behavioural Needs

Students who meet the required criteria will be allocated a Learning Guardian based on their primary area of need which include staff from the following areas:

  • Learning Enrichment
  • Pastoral Care
  • College Counsellors
  • Teaching and Learning

Students who can be supported by the LEC are identified in the following ways:

  • Through the enrolment process
  • Diagnostic Testing in Years 5 to 8
  • Parent referrals
  • Teacher referrals

The LEC at Padua College works in partnership with:

  • Vision Australia
  • Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented students
  • Brisbane Catholic Education