The Old Boys’ Association started in 1964, the year after the first Seniors.

The Old Boys’ College Association started with RJ McCart as the President. (The first Senior class finished in 1963 with a total 14 students.) Some activities this year included assisting the clearing of Gibson Park for a fourth oval; holding an Autumn Fair; an Art Union for a Holden station sedan with Mt Alvernia and Fr Casimir (on behalf of the Missions); conducting a poultry wheel to raise funds for the Swimming Pool fund; and holding Melbourne Cup Day and smorgasbord functions in conjunction with the Mt Alvernia College Committee.

By 1965, the Padua College Old Boys’ Association boasted a financial membership of 40. (This was a good effort considering there had been so few Junior and Senior classes pass through the College.) The Committee consisted of Brian Rout (President), Peter Stark (Vice-President), Billy Barron (Secretary), Danny Barron (Treasurer) and Chris Johnson, Des Finn and Heine Van der Heide (the ‘advisory’ committee). The ‘popular Chaplain’ was Fr Alban. The President in his report, stated that the primary aim in establishing the Association in early 1964 was for “maintaining contact between the past pupils of the alma mater.”

Activities included instigating the William Roy Conn Memorial Shield to be awarded to the best and fairest player in the First XIII; assistance at the Autumn Fair; a combined cabaret with the Mt Alvernia Past Pupils’ Association; an Old Boys’ Car Rally; participating in the Sports Day; and the Old Boys’ XIII planning to vanquish the present Firsts on Hobbies Day.

The Association committee consisted of Bill Barron (President), Brian Rout (Vice-President), George Tatasciore (Secretary), Peter Stark (Assistant Secretary), Lee Cummings (Treasurer), and Peter Webb, Des Finn and A. Flanagan (Advisory Committee). Fr Hugolin became the Chaplain and advisor, while Fr Alban became the Patron.

Activities included a farewell to Fr Alban; a supper dance; assisting at the Autumn Fair (raising $70); a cabaret; and Old Boys’ teams playing current teams in football and cricket.

A new constitution was ratified. The aims of the Association were:

  1. to help and maintain the spiritual welfare of past pupils of Padua College;
  2. to maintain the social contacts between past pupils; and
  3. to raise funds to help Padua College materially.

The President was Bill Barron, the Treasurer was Lee Cummings and the Assistant Secretary was A O’Hara. (No other names were mentioned in The Paduan).

Activities included the Annual Ball; holding stalls at the Autumn Fair, a dance on the night of the Autumn Fair; ‘Old Boys’ teams playing student teams in football and cricket; a car rally; and manning food stalls at the various sports meetings. Totals of $140, $150 and $10 (towards the expenses of the Padua Secondary School Choir’s trip to Sydney) were able to be donated to the College as a result of the Association’s activities.

Tony O’Hara was President. Activities included assisting at the Autumn Fair (including organising a dance for the younger set on the oval), and the Annual Ball (to which they successfully invited past parents!).

This information is to the best of our knowledge accurate. We apologise for any errors or omissions.

Source:  The Paduan