Padua College provides a careers counselling service to our students and their parents through both a structured career planning program conducted in Years 9 and 10, and also through individual appointments.

Careers Guidance at Padua consists of our Counsellor working closely with the Vocation Education and Training Coordinator and the Teaching and Learning Team to support students to plan their pathway to work or future study. Students can be assisted with subject choices in preparation for further academic study and also with information about vocational education and training options.

The Careers Counsellor can help in the following areas:

Course Related

  • Subject and course choice
  • Post school study selection and pre-requisites
  • Career options on completion of study

Employment and Career Planning

  • Skills and abilities identification
  • Vocational testing
  • Interview coaching and practice
  • Preparation for entrance tests
  • Advice on networking and job search strategies
  • Career decision making
  • Exploring the career planning process and developing strategies to reach career goals
  • Checking resumés and covering letters to optimise employment opportunities

Contact the Careers Counsellor
Phone: 07 3857 9976

Year 10 REACH Lessons

Through the Year 9 and 10 REACH (Relationships, Emotions, Achievement through Engagement, Community, Health) Lessons, students undertake a career education program. The program is designed to assist our Year 9 and 10 students to get to know themselves, their interests and their skills, to assist students with making informed career decisions before undertaking their SET (Senior Education and Training) plan.

Senior Mentoring

Students in Years 10 to 12 at Padua College are involved in a Senior Mentoring program that begins with the Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan and senior pathway process and carries through until the end of Year 12. The Mentoring program is a data informed process that supports students throughout their senior years with a focus on mentoring them in Year 12 so that they can maximise their learning outcomes and succeed in their chosen pathway. The SET Plan process is required by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) for students in Year 10. The purpose of the Student Mentoring Process including the SET Plan is to:

  • Structure student learning in Years 10, 11 and 12 around their abilities, interests and ambitions.
  • Support students to think about their education, training and career options after Year 12.
  • Coach students in the setting and meeting of learning goals in Years 10, 11, 12, and beyond.
  • Include flexible and coordinated pathway options in your course of senior study.
  • Facilitate communication between students and their parents/guardians or teachers and careers counsellors about their learning goals and post-school plans.

Career Planning Resources

The Careers Counsellor provides a number of resources to support our students and parents:

  • Careers Calendar – updated regularly
  • Careers Newsletter – updated regularly

Information for parents

How parents can affect their children’s careers

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Positive ways you can affect your children’s career

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Helpful resources

Assignment Schedule Template


Internet Sites for Career Planning




Study Timetable Template


Study Tips