The Padua Cross Country Program introduces students to the sport of distance running – a sport with a rich history. It is an incredible sport that can be undertaken by those who are very young, right through to veterans. It is a sport, which requires consistent, individual effort in training, for the benefit of the team come the championship. This winter sport is contested by AIC runners with approximately 120 boys competing in age group races of 2km, 3km, 4km and 6km. Cross Country is offered to boys from Years 5 to 12.Whilst the premierships are fought for by the leading contenders from each school in each age division (the first six home contribute to the “score”), the rest of the field competes against themselves in order to try to better their placing at meets, leading up to the Championships. Team building and the development of confidence and composure as a result of personal development, are all spin offs as a result of a commitment to the necessary, regular and sometimes challenging training. A healthy mixture of work done in the strength and conditioning room, on the track and the occasional visit to the Windsor hills, are all parts of the life of the Cross-Country runners. The coaching staff in Cross Country are highly experienced and cater for the individual at all levels, from the raw recruit through to the super fit and highly motivated competitors striving to become members of the scoring group in their quest for individual and team success.