Padua College prides itself as being a space where all learners can learn.  In pursuit of this, we offer a range of programs to support all learners, including programs specifically designed to support:
  • Exceptional Learners
  • Inclusive Education
  • High Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Student Centred Learning

The Strategic Direction for Learning at Padua College is to inspire and engage our learning community by:

  • Promoting a culture of professional excellence and shared practice by building staff capabilities through contemporary and relevant professional learning.
  • Facilitating learning environments where teaching is informed by research, student learning data, authoritative content knowledge and engaging practices.
  • Valuing excellence and personal endeavours so that our students can be the best they can, given their individual talents.
  • Promoting the positive well-being of students and staff be enhancing our culture of inclusiveness, wellness and engagement.

In support of these Strategic Directions, the Padua College Learning Framework is designed to support the Strategic Direction for Teaching and Learning by ensuring that evidence-based practice and professional learning underpins our approach to learning.

The Padua College Learning Framework, in accordance with The Alice Springs (Mparntwe) Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians, aims to meet the two goals outlined in the document:

Goal 1:  Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence

Goal 2:  All young Australians become:

  • successful learners
  • confident and creative individuals
  • active and informed citizens

The Padua College Learning Framework is a living process that supports a strong learning culture at the College by providing visibility around the teaching and learning processes that underpin a community through a common language of learning and shared practice.  The Learning Framework outlines clear and agreed practices based on a straightforward approach to instruction and the use of evidence-based High Yield Strategies to enhance student learning.

As a learning community, all stakeholders of the College: staff, students and families, have ownership of the Learning Framework as part of their own learning journey and the learning journey of others.

The Mastering Our Craft Professional Learning Process for staff supports teachers in developing their knowledge base and skill set required to deliver Whole of School initiatives such as the Learning Framework, Literacy, Differentiation and Data-informed Practice.  Mastering Our Craft provides time for teachers to work in professional learning teams and observe peers as part of their own professional learning journey.

We are creators, crafters, collaborators…We are Padua.