Rufino was a cousin of St Clare and a member of the noble di Scipone di Offreducio family.  He is best known in the history of the Franciscan order as one of the compilers of “The Legend of the three companions”, that has become an important source for the later stories of St Francis.

He was with St Francis on Mount Laverna when in 1224 Francis received the stigmata, and he was one of very few privileged to see the marks of the stigmata. Francis regarded Rufino as one of the holiest men he had ever met, and in the words of Francis,” the gentlest and nobliest man of Assisi.” He found preaching very difficult but rather than go on the road, spent much time in prayer, retreating to forests and caves for contemplation. He was at his comfortable best at the Carceri hermitage, outside Assisi. Rufino was with Francis during the last months of the saint’s life, tenderly caring for him, and with him when he died at the Portiuncula in 1226.

Rufino died at the Portiuncula in 1270 and is buried in the crypt of St. Francis Basilica with three companions, Masseo. Leo, Angelo and a relative of Lady Jacopa, James dei Settesoli.

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