Fr Odoric (Hugh) Fathers OFM was a much loved, guiding figure of Padua College for almost 34 years. Appointed to the fledgling school in 1957, Fr Odoric began making his impact on thousands of young minds and hearts as a teacher and Vice Rector.

He was a natural educator who shared his wide range of interests and passions with the students. The observatory, built in the 1970’s, is a testimony to his interest in astronomy and his rock collection which comprised of many varieties of special gems which were collected on expeditions with his students.

Fr Odoric was a gifted pianist, organist and choir director. He helped establish Padua’s reputation as a College devoted to musical excellence. The College choir under his baton earned numerous awards and accolades. Fr Odoric was a very practical man and a hands-on worker, equally at home on the tractor as he was in the classroom. He was always known by his professed name of Odoric, taken after Odoric of Pordenone, who was a Franciscan priest of the fourteenth century venerated as the patron of the Chinese missions and of long distance travellers. Fr Odoric will always be remembered for his cheerful spirit, his contribution to the establishment and direction of Padua College, and his loyalty to friends and Friars.

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A white chevron between three white ostrich feathers on a green background.


Signifies protection and was often granted in arms as a reward to one who achieved some notable enterprise.


The ostrich is the symbol of willing obedience and serenity.


Green denotes prosperity, success and new beginnings; silver denotes inner purity.


Valens et Volens (able and willing).