Fr Alban Mitchell OFM is one of the founding friars of Padua. In 1957, he was appointed Rector of the school of 90 boys. He continued in this post for nine years during some of the early and important developments of the College.

In 1975, he was again appointed Rector and continued in this role until 1977. The Padua community remembers Fr Alban as a gentlemen, Friar and Priest who, with exceptional good humour and wry originality, won the hearts of so many people. His gentle, lovable, and somewhat absent-minded temperament is stamped on Padua, never to be effaced.

The beautiful natural surroundings of the College are a permanent reminder of Fr Alban’s refinement of spirit and sheer hard work. A very fine sportsman himself, for many years he coached football. He also taught English and Ancient History at Padua and Mt Alvernia. As a dedicated Priest-Friar Fr Alban exercised a very active, generous and well appreciated apostolate beyond education. This founding father of Padua has left us a gentle spirit to guide future generations of Paduans in their search for God and their growth in culture.

House Guardian

Craig Nicholson
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A white chevron between three white swans on a blue background. The design and colouring is historically correct.


Signifies protection and was often granted in arms as a reward to one who achieved some notable enterprise.


The swan is the ensign of the poets and the hieroglyphic of a musical person, because of its anciently supposed habit of singing sweetly in the hour of death. Its heraldic meaning would stand for a lover of poetry and harmony, or, for a learned person.


Azure (blue) signifies loyalty and truth, argent (white) signifies peace and sincerity.


Moriendo Modulor (Dying, I sing).