Fr John Boyd-Boland OFM was the last of the Friar-Rectors at Padua. Today, as a Friar and Chaplain, Fr John continues his quiet ministry at Padua leading the celebration of the Eucharist and encouraging the boys in their religious, academic, cultural and sporting achievements.

Fr John taught at Padua from 1972 to 1973, then returned in 1990 as Rector for the following 11 years. This came after a 15-year tenure teaching Moral Theology at Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne.

While at Padua Fr John revamped the pastoral care program, introducing a vertical pastoral care system with three houses and pastoral care classes. He had the College join The Associated Schools competition and later the Associated Independent Colleges sporting competition and was instrumental in the purchase of the sporting grounds at Banyo.

In 1996 Fr John coordinated the refurbishment of the Franciscan Friary for use as an administration centre and it was renamed Saint Francis Hall. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Padua, Fr John wrote On a Cragged Hill, a history of the College from 1956 to 2006.

In recognition of his educational experience, Fr John has been invited to be a member of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission and is currently on the Brisbane Catholic Education Council.

House Guardian

Greg Lavey
Phone: 07 3857 9922


A white chevron between three white passant lions on an orange background. The lion is from the Boland coat of arms. Design and colour have been changed to match the other house crests.


Signifies protection and was often granted in arms as a reward to one who achieved some notable enterprise.


The Lion is an emblem of majesty, strength, and justice. When depicted as passant (walking, three feet on the ground; in profile) the symbol is emblematic of resolution. The Lion is also an emblem of the resurrection; according to tradition, the lion’s whelp is born dead, and remains so for three days, when the father breathes on it and it receives life.


Tenne (orange) denotes worthy ambition and argent (white) signifies peace and sincerity.


Consilio Et Animus (By Wisdom and Courage).