Fr Isidore Beirne OFM, after graduating in science from the University of Melbourne, Fr Isidore taught at Padua from 1959 until 1977. Fr Isidore was an intellectual in the best sense of the word.

He was a brilliant teacher, specialising in teaching Mathematics and Science, but had an expertise in everything from Theology to English literature. Fr Isidore’s dedication to Padua’s future went well beyond the classroom. He was an indefatigable worker in fundraising, helping to ensure there were funds available to build the early stages of the College. Fr Isidore was a man of great culture and in every way a gentleman. Hundreds of Paduans owe their success to this Franciscan priest who dedicated his life to the education of others in the broadest sense.

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A white chevron between three white hands on a red background. This design is closer to the name Byrne than Beirne.


Signifies protection and was often granted in arms as a reward to one who achieved some notable enterprise.


The hand is the pledge of faith, sincerity and justice.


Gules (red) denotes military fortitude and magnanimity.  Argent (white) signifies peace and sincerity.


Fuimus (We have been).