At Padua, we believe that adventure is an important part of learning and personal growth but also that an adventure experience is a different experience for each young man. It is the aim of the College to ensure that everyone who attends a camp at Padua learns to embrace their personal experience and enhance their relationship with the environment and those around them.

Within each year level, students are exposed to a wide range of adventure challenges which can be both physically and mentally demanding providing a medium for learning. As a part of the camp experience students also participate in reflection and personal development activities.

All Padua camps operate in a sequential and thematic order, focussing on identified pastoral, spiritual and developmental themes. Some of the core values represented include: building resilience, creating community, experiential learning, personal challenge, teamwork, environmental awareness and reflective practises.

An overview of what we do:

Learning Frameworks:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Functional Context theory
  • Social Learning Theory

Processes & Objectives:

  • Challenge by Choice
  • Outdoor Learning Experiences
  • Natural consequences
  • Facilitated Reflection
  • Activities to promote learning

Year 5 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo & Noosa Beach.

Duration: Two days, one night.

Theme: ‘Games, Mates and Outside Space’

Objective: Getting to know all classmates, making new friends, building relationships with the House Guardian, fun experiences as a class group.

Practical Elements: Inclusive fun (functional understanding not necessary) games on the oval, regaining course, screen printing on shirts, beach activities, swim between the flags, the Challenge Wall, and the Mohawk walk.

Year 6 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo

Duration: Three days and two nights.

Theme: ‘Mates Traits’

Objectives: Developing personal skills, joining into teams, fun shared times, and sustainable living.

Practical Elements: Building kites, games on the oval, archery, making tee pees, camping outside the dormitories in tents, rainforest walk, Bouldering Wall, Zulu, zip lining, carg net climb, survival games, fire lighting and roasting marshmallows, seek and destroy, and unstructured outside play.

Year 7 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo, Noosa Beach, Noosa River.

Duration: Three days and two nights

Theme: ‘Transitioning to high school: Getting to know your house’

Objectives: Building relationships with your house guardian, building community and connections, experiencing adventure, and reflecting on opportunities.

Practical Elements: Sailing lesson on Noosa River, ecological literacy, house formation, Noosa Beach activities, Learn to Surf, trivia, camp fire, mini Olympics, video journals, house war cries, anti-bullying contracts, Capture the Flag, and the Tree of Commitment activity.

Year 8 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo & Ringtail Forest.

Duration: Three days & two nights (one night camping in tents).

Theme: Outdoor Education ‘Fundamentals’

Objectives: Key concepts of exploring the outdoors and adventure activities.

Practical Elements: Warm-up games, learning how to thrive in the outdoors, low ropes, expedition packing, orienteering, tent setup and over-night camping, meal planning, trangia cooking, camp fire and story-telling, raft building, mountain biking, zip-lining, archery, adventure film, and outside play.

Year 9 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo, Noosa Main Beach, Noosa River.

Duration: Three days & two nights (two nights camping in tents).

Theme: ‘Making Good Choices’

Objective: Fostering resilience through personal ownership, making good decisions and getting involved in group work.

Practical Elements: Trad games, medium ropes, Leap of Faith, Cooking with Glen, expedition packing, surf rafting, developing beginner/intermediate surfing skills, canoeing skill development, Initiative Challenge (stick around, pipeline, stepping stones, all together), crate stack games, and affirmations.

Year 10 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo, Noosa Trail network, Mt Timbeerwah, Ringtail state forest, Lake McDonald, Lake Cotharaba, Noosa North Shore.

Duration: Five days and four nights (three nights camping).

Theme: ‘A Wilderness Journey’

Objective: Extended expedition style program where we build resilience, relationships and reflective practise.

Practical Elements: Leadership diploma, expedition packing (personal gear, group gear, and food supplies), mountain biking (journey based), cliff climbing at Mt Timbeerwah, abseiling, navigation through trails and forestry, Canoe Journey, extended 15km hike through a variety of terrains, camp site setup and pack-up, catering all meals, camp hygiene, gear return, and debrief of learning outcomes.

Year 11 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo, Mt Cooroora, Noosa Main Beach

Duration: Three days and two nights.

Theme: ‘Leadership’

Objective: Real experiences to allow student leadership potential to be showcased.

Practical Elements: Mt Cooroora Challenge, Characteristics of a Leader, My House, House ip Line Challenge, small group activities, mask making session, Noosa Beach Amazing Race (multitude of activities), high ropes course, Leap of Faith, affirmations, ass, Padua trivia, Padua Leaders – the Nomination of school leaders.

Year 12 Camp Program

Location: Amaroo, Noosa Beach, Ringtail Forest.

Duration: Three days and two nights (some students need to stay in tents)

Theme: ‘Past, Present & Future’

Objectives: Honouring the past, Inspiring the present and shaping the future.

Practical Elements: Amaroo Masters Challenge, character trait formation, T-shirt printing, outside dinner, night-time adventure activity (jump of faith, kings finger, slack line, challenge wall, mohawk walk, low ropes) surfing, surf rafting, mountain bike ride, yoga/mindfulness, crest creation, camp fire and small group discussion, and Key Note address: Define your Destination.