The Senior Phase (Years 10 – 12)

As students enter this phase of learning, the emphasis is on being good men of Padua and leading by example both within the College and the Paduan Community. Students are encouraged to develop into mature and confident young men through service leadership and their learning environment. A focus is on individual identity while continuing to foster school spirit and build positive relationships with all members of the community.

In the Senior Phase, a diverse range of curriculum offerings allow students to make informed choices regarding their chosen pathway. This is supported by targeted programs, planning and mentoring throughout this phase. Regardless of the pathway chosen, students will be challenged and extended as they are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and outcomes. Goal setting, precision and mastery are key elements of curriculum throughout the senior phase, encouraging our students to graduate as creative and critical thinking global citizens with the skills to become self-efficacious life-long learners able to contribute positively in the wider community.

The Senior Phase at Padua College is designed to allow students to tailor their program to suit their own pathway and learning needs. Subject offerings change in Year 10 in order to better reflect the Senior Subject offerings and as part of the Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan process. Padua offers both ATAR and Non-ATAR Pathways with opportunities for students to participate in certificate courses, diploma programs, and work placement relevant to their chosen pathway.

Learning AreaYear 10 – SEM 1Year 10 – SEM 2Senior
English Lit
Essential English
• Essential English (A)
• English (G)
• Literature (G)
• EAL (G)
MathematicsMath Prep A
Math Prep B
Math Prep A
Math Prep B
• Essential Mathematics (A)
• General Mathematics (G)
• Mathematical Methods (G)
• Specialist Mathematics (G)
ReligionReligionSOR Prep
• Religion and Ethics (A)
• Study of Religion (G)
General Science
General Science
• Science in Practice (A)
• Cert 3 Laboratory Techniques
• Biology (G)
• Chemistry (G)
• Physics (G
Social SciencesHistory
History Prep
Geography Prep
Economics Prep
• Ancient History (G)
• Modern History (G)
• Geography (G)
• Economics (G)
Health & Physical EducationHealth & Physical Education (HPE)Physical Ed Prep
Recreation Prep
• Recreation (A)
• Physical Education (G)
• Health (G)
LanguagesJapaneseJapanese• Japanese (G)
TechnologiesDesign & Tech GraphicsDesign Prep Graphics
Engineering Skills Prep
Construction and Furnishing Prep
• Building and Construction Skills (A)
• Engineering Skills (A)
• Furnishing Skills (A)
• Design (G)
• Engineering (G)
• Cert 1 Construction
• Cert 2 Engineering Pathways
• Cert 2 Electrotechnology
• Cert 3 Engineering CAD
• Cert 3 Hospitality (Mt A)
• Cert 2 Fashion & Design (Mt Alvernia)
Digital Technologies and BusinessDigital TechnologiesDigital Technologies
Digital Solutions Prep
Accounting Prep
• Information, Communication and Technology (A)
• Accounting (G)
• Digital Solutions (G)
• Cert 3 Business (Yr 11)
• Cert 4 Business (Yr 12)
• Diploma Business (Yr 12)
• Cert 3 Information, Digital Media and Technology (Mt Alvernia)
The ArtsArt
Visual Art Prep
Drama Prep
Music Prep
• Visual Art (G)
• Drama (G)
• Music (G)
• Music Ext Yr 12 (G)
• Film TV and New Media (G)
• Cert 3 Information, Digital Media and Technology (Mt Alvernia)

(G) = General
(A) = Applied

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