Application Submissions

Expressions of Interest may be lodged at any stage.

Two years prior to your son’s nominated Year 5 entry year, the College will contact you with details of the enrolment process and provide you with login credentials allowing you to submit an enrolment application.


Year 5 enrolment interviews are conducted two years prior to your son’s nominated entry year (August/September of the year when your son is in Year 3).

Letter of Offer

Placement offers are released approximately two weeks after the conclusion of Year 5 enrolment interviews (late September).

Open Day

The Padua College Open Day is held annually on a Sunday in May.  The Open Day date is available on the website at the start of every year.

Orientation Day

Your son will be invited to attend the Year 5 Orientation Program in term 4 the year prior to him starting his schooling at Padua College.

The Orientation Program includes an afternoon information session for parents and students.