Enrolment Booking Fee$100.00
Payable at the time of initial enrolment. (Non-refundable)
Acceptance Deposit$600.00
Payable upon acceptance of a student place. (Non-refundable)
Tuition FeesDifferent fees apply for different Year levels. Please refer to:

2021 Fee Schedule
Tuition fees are invoiced yearly and can be paid annually or at more regular intervals (weekly/fortnightly/monthly).

FACTS Management
Fees for activities, for example transport to College organised sporting events, school camps etc. are included in the annual fee invoice.

Fees for Subject Levies as per the yearly School Fees Schedule are invoiced separately

CONDITIONS: A minimum of one term’s notice must be given for withdrawing a student from the school. A full term’s tuition fees will be charged should this notice not be given. Further information can be found by downloading the Complete Schedule of Fees below.

2021 Fee Schedule


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