They arrive at Padua as boys and we farewell them as magnificent young men, ready and willing to take their place in the world.

Mr Peter Elmore, Rector

We know the decision parents make about their children’s education is both exciting and daunting. A positive and enriching experience during school years is so important for setting a child up for a successful future, with a lifelong love of learning and friendships that will endure through adulthood.

Making the choice to join the Padua family marks the commencement of an extraordinary journey for your son and your entire family. We draw on more than 60 years of experience in educating young men, and work every day with the Franciscan ethos of joy, courtesy, humility, simplicity and peace ever present in our minds.

Padua College offers a learning and social environment based on security and affirmation which supports our young men to develop their own talents and passions, and also to grow in self-worth, wisdom, quiet strength and personal character.

We recognise that you will have many questions and we have developed various guides which we hope will assist you. However, you are very welcome to contact the College at any time if you need more information.

Phone: 07 3857 9999

We are engaging, confident, spirited … We are Padua.