Elite Athletes Program

Sport plays a big part in the life of the boys at Padua College. At Padua, we offer a holistic education whereby boys grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. However, we also know that for some of our boys who are at the top of their sport, we need to assist them in managing their sporting commitments with other aspects of College life. The Elite Athletes Program (EAP) commenced in 2017 and assists talented young sportsmen at the College to balance their sporting goals with other aspects of College life.

Padua College recognises the demands placed on young, talented athletes. The EAP is our response to ensuring our boys can develop their sporting talents alongside other areas of the College. The Program is open to students in Years 5 to 12 and it provides athlete training load monitoring, strength and conditioning programming, nutrition guidance, time management education, as well as well-being support services. The Program is also non-sport specific.


In 2019, the Elite Athletes Program (EAP) expanded to assist over thirty talented athletes. The Program also took significant steps in increasing its capacity to provide wellbeing and mentoring support by purchasing an Athlete Monitoring Program (phone app) and introducing more regular mentor meetings with boys in the Program.

The Program has supported student athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds including AFL, Athletics, Baseball, Basketball, BMX, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Martial Arts, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Swimming, Tennis, Triathlon, Water Polo and Cross Country.

Unlike many sporting excellence programs, Padua College’s Elite Athletes Program does not solely focus on the technical aspects of a specific sport. Instead, the Program provides support to enhance the athletes physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

Past Paduans at the top of their Sport

Dane Carlaw (NRL)

David Stagg (NRL)

David Shillington (NRL)

Brad Watts (NRL)

Lindsay Collins (NRL)

Rowan Ahearn (NRL)

Joel Howley (World Champion Water Skier)

Clayton Sefo (Volleyball)

Jamie Young (A League)

Brandon McMorrow (Roar Youth Team)

Michael Wood (Juniors Wallabies)

Lawson Creighton (Juniors Wallabies)

Jacob Allison (AFL)

Harris Andrews (AFL)

Oskar Baker (AFL)

Dan Paddison (World Junior Triathlete Champion)

Will Martin (AFL)