Calendar Subscriptions


Subscription link:

Subscription to all calendars in one feed:

Calendar Feed Instructions

You can synchronise the Calendar feeds from the Padua website with the Calendar on your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer. The instructions to subscribe to the Calendar feeds are below.

  1. Highlight and copy the 'Subscription link' URL above.
  2. Open your calendar application
    * iCal – Click File>New Calendar Subscription.
    Microsoft Outlook Calendar – Click Tools>Account Settings. Then click on the Internet Calendars tab. Click New. 
  3. Paste the URL text that was copied from Step 1 into the URL entry field. Click Subscribe. The Calendar subscription will now connect.
  4. Change the details of the subscription as you wish (e.g., Change the name; colour; location; auto-refresh time-frame; etc). Click OK.