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Confraternity shield 2017

Welcome to Confraternity 2017 from the Rector of Padua CollegeConfra2015 1101


Dear Confraternity Coaches, Managers and Principals,

It is with great pleasure and pride that Padua College looks forward to hosting its fifth Confraternity Carnival in 2017.  Having hosted the Carnival in 1982, 1984, 1992 and 2006, It would be fair to say that Padua understands the history of the Carnival and its organisation.  Having attended all but one Carnival (1995), it would also be fair to say that we value highly the quality competition, spirit and values of the Carnival.  We look forward to providing the Confraternity experience for all teams in 2017.

The Carnival organisers have been hard at work developing a relationship with the Australian Catholic University.  Apart from the obvious benefits of sponsorship and service provision (sports medicine), ACU can also contribute to the Carnival and our young men through the provision of leadership resources and educational pathways into the future.  This relationship is an exciting opportunity for 2017 and perhaps into the future.

Many thanks to the Cathedral College, Principal Rob Alexander and his team of organisers for the 2016 Carnival.  I am certain that this year's experience will ensure the desire for further Confraternity experience in 2017.

Best wishes

Robert Out

Padua College

2017 Confraternity Carnival Conveners

Mr Paul Mansfield 3857 9911
Mr Ben Lowrie     3857 9981

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