The Allan & Joan Napier Family Music Bursary

Allan and Joan Napier had a close and long term association with Padua College and the Franciscans Friars at Kedron. Their sons, Mark (French horn), John (‘Cello) and David and grandsons, Matthew (Viola and Trombone) and Stewart (Violin and French horn), attended Padua from the early 1970s into the 2010s and music was very important to the family. Clare, their daughter, taught Piano at Padua through much of the 1980s and 90s. The family’s decision to make this bursary available to our Colleges reflects their commitment to instrumental music education and their desire to support the work being done through our FCIP today.

The Franciscan Colleges Instrumental Music Programme of Padua and Mt Alvernia (the FCIP) is one of Brisbane’s leading instrumental departments. Ours is a community where learning to play a musical instrument is viewed as an activity to be valued and enjoyed, and where a good musical education is seen as a valuable adjunct to academic success and personal fulfilment.


With a view to encouraging instrumental music and supporting FCIP families, in 2017 the Allan and Joan Napier Family Music Bursary will offer two places covering the cost of instrumental tuition fees for a period of two years. One bursary will be offered to a boy or girl in Year 8 (covering Years 8 and 9) and another for a boy or girl in Year 11 (covering Years 11 and 12) at Padua or Mt Alvernia College, and who meet the conditions listed below.

The candidate is

  • a student who is in Year 8 at Padua or Mt Alvernia College in 2017, and receiving tuition on a string, brass or woodwind instrument through the FCIP
  • a student who is in Year 11 in 2017 at Padua or Mt Alvernia College, and receiving tuition on a string, brass or woodwind instrument through the FCIP
  • and is a student who will remain enrolled in the FCIP until he or she graduates from Padua or Mt Alvernia College
  • and is a student who will be committed to the FCIP through involvement in one or more FCIP ensembles and who will continue that involvement until they graduate.

The Bursary winner will be refunded FCIP fees they may have already paid for this year.

Selection Criteria

When selecting the bursary winners, staff will take into acount the following in an audition:

  • Applicant's current musical ability and future potential
  • Applicant's ability to answer simple questions in a short interview
  • Applicant's ability to demonstrate that they will make a positive contribution to the FCIP

Obligations of Bursary winners

  • Continued enrolment in the FCIP
  • Remaining as a permanent member of at least one of the FCIP instrumental ensembles
  • Demonstrating a positive attitude and commitment to their music and academic studies
  • Being a role model for younger musicians
  • Contributing to their College and to the FCIP to the best of their ability

Even though the Bursary will operate for two years, Bursary holders will be reviewed at the end of 12 months. Should it become apparent to the Director of Instrumental Music that a Bursary holder is not demonstrating the required commitment or performing to an acceptable standard, the Bursary will be withdrawn unless extenuating circumstances can be established.

The Audition

The Audition panel will comprise members of the FCIP teaching staff.

Auditions will consist of an interview and a short performance involving (a) two contrasting own-choice pieces provided by the applicant, played on the applicant’s chosen instrument, and (b) playing a simple sight reading exercise provided at the audition. 

Although an accompanist is not necessary, candidates wishing to use one during their audition should provide their own. 

Please note that due to the nature of the Audition process, the FCIP will not provide a report nor will discussions be entered into relating to an individual’s performance in the Audition. We will, however, formally notify all applicants of their success or otherwise as soon as possible after Auditions have been completed.


Application Forms for the Napier Family Instrumental Music Bursary can be found on the Padua College website http://www.padua.qld.edu.au/enrolments/scholarships-and-bursaries/ or by contacting the FCIP Secretary on 3857 9908 or by emailing fcip@padua.qld.edu.au.

Applications close - Monday 10th October 2016

Please CLICK HERE for a Music Scholarship Application Form

Applications should be directed to:

FCIP Music Scholarship Application
Attn: Mrs D Martin
Padua College
PO Box 111

For a printable version of the enrolment process for the Alan and Joan Napier Family Music Bursary please CLICK HERE